Alessandro Scipioni Professional Food Photographer

Photographer Alessandro Scipioni was born in Florence. He started working with the professional studio of Gianni Ugolini, A famous and recognized photographer who made the history of Italian Fashion Photography in the 70’s and 80’s. Also recognized in the world of food photography.

Now on his own; Alessandro has engaged in important collaborations with recognized starred Italian restaurants such as: Enoteca Pinchiorri***, Arnolfo**, Oriental Mandarin Milan**, La Leggenda dei Frati*, Essenziale and Trussardi*. Now as a partner of the Chiarini Culinary Consultants Group, Alessandro is in charged of their photographic sessions and the capturing of images for their books and global image publications. Additionally with the CCC Group Alessandro faces the opportunity to expand his horizons on a global level.

Some of his works with International and Michelin Starred Chefs include:

• Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini and Chef. Anna Chiarini (Chiarini Culinary Consultants)

• Chef. Annie Féolde, Chef. Riccardo Monco, Chef. Antonio Guida , Chef. Roberto Conti , Chef. Filippo Saporito and Chef. Gaetano Trovato to mention some.